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Modern insulation systems protect against excessive




Thermal insulation mattresses are used for




If maintaining low temperatures within production



Izoler – Izolacje przemysłowe, Materace termoizolacyjne

“Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself…”

Merry Christmas fro Izoler !!!

another contract – covers for industrial presses

For customer from automotive industry we have realized another order, including production and installation of our heat shields.

We are pleased that the use of innovative solutions in our products and the resulting energy savings for our customers resulted in further orders and implementations.


New production and storage space for Izoler!

 1 2 3

In connection with the acquisition of several prestigious and long-term contracts Izoler company invests:

1. start the next stage of the construction of a new production hall in Stargard with an office building with an area of 1400 m2

2.  construction of a new warehouse material of approx 250m2 in an existing production facility in Stargard

3. Hiring (for a period of eighteen months) additional production hall with an area of about 400 m2 for the production of thermal insulating mattresses. Increase the number of positions for a further eight sewing relationship photoshoot soon


shutterstock_164419370The company assembles its flagship Izoler insulating mattresses – IZO FIRE PRO on the one of the world’s biggest oil rigs!

Izoler company presented theirs solutions at a meeting in Norway with key partners of the project and won the approval of the chief investor. After many months of stringent tests in the specialized laboratories and rigorous audits conducted by requiring principals, the products created by designers and technologists Izoler will be installed on one of the world’s largest oil rigs.

read more

Ventilation – New offer from Izoler!


ventilation ducts Insulation Housings
kształtki wentylacyjne izo condotti

Izoler and having a very rich stock of machinery for the production of metal covers industrial insulation broadened its range of production elements rectangular ventilation, have adequate facilities to enable the production of:

  • ventilation ducts
  • fittings, tees, reductions, etc.
  • attenuators
  • parts

Here are a few pictures from the our  last production – MORE

More about our offer in this area can be found HERE

Unique, innovative mattresses for the offshore industry!

Here is a new product Izoler who passed the most most difficult tests for jet fire and HC fire resistance and for explosion – in international, specialized laboratories: mattresses thermal insulation for the offshore industry. Approximately  million PLN was spent just for testing regarding to passive fire protection certification for new modern  product.

DSC_0364  Przechwytywanie  shutterstock_164419370

Our mattresses for the offshore industry are delivered to the multitude of renowned recipients in Scandinavia and Korea, and soon you will be able to meet them on many drilling platforms worldwide.

Take a look ,what Izoler offer in this area for his clients.

Our thermal jackets as a Passive Fire Protection !!!


We are pleased to announce that we`ve completed a series of expensive and difficult fire tests in Norway, after obtaining formal reports and certificates we will begin production on a large scale of our mattresses insulation for the offshore industry, the first deliveries will take place in November !

After many months of hard and intensive work we have passed as follows:

1. Jet Fire test for 250kW (SP Fire – Trondheim)

2. Jet Fire test for 350kW (SP Fire – Trondheim)

3. Hydro Carbone Fire Test (SP Fire – Trondheim)

4. Explosion test (Gexcon – Bergen)


Many thanks to all people involved in this project  !!! 

new project

Izoler has received new order to make insulation on oil tanks at the newly built ship. The scope of work includes insulation with polyurethane foam (​​approximately 1700 m2 - the start of work 29/07/2014)

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more Equipment

This month, we have improve our production capacity.
Due to the great interest in our products we also increased the number of sewing machine to 8. Within few months the entire production of thermal mattresses will be moved to the newly built workshop in Stargard.

Also our department of polyurethane foam insulation has been enriched by a further device for foaming:

GRACO REACTOR 2 E – 30 Elitepur



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New project

We are pleased to announce that the Izoler moved to the implementation phase of new project (supplying  hundreds of heat shields). Our offer includes the design, manufacture and assembly of the client.

Below are some pictures of our production:


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Izoler – Izolacje przemysłowe, Materace termoizolacyjne

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Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa
Zachodniopomorskiego na lata 2007-2013.

Izoler – Izolacje przemysłowe, Materace termoizolacyjne
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