Foamglas® is a modern and innovative thermal insulation material, distinguished by its lightness and durability, obtained from molten glass by the addition of foam-forming additives. It has many valuable features, among which we can mention: electrostatic, non-absorbability, non-flammability, full vapor tightness, stability, resistance to acids and chemical compounds and many others. Foamglas® insulation provides long-term thermal performance and protection, thanks to all its features it is ideally suited for both heat and cold protection installations, at temperatures ranging from -80 degrees C, up to 400 degrees C.

    Thanks to our latest investment - string plotter XTR PRO, we are able to make Foamglas thermal insulation for our clients (although the plotter will also help us in works related to e.g. polyurethane, polypropylene foams as well as mineral wool, rock wool, etc.). This innovative CNC device is controlled by a computer or a remote-controlled remote control.

    Thanks to advanced software, the device can process any shape. The plotter provides full control of the cutting process. In addition to automatic cutting from the design, it is also possible to manually cut the material, or adjust machining parameters during its duration. During processing, the endless abrasive string is accelerated to a speed of 280 km / h. Steel rigid construction combined with advanced control guarantees high precision cutting.

    The plotter will provide our employees with faster and more pleasant work, which will also expand the range of the "Isolator" offer, among others thanks to, among others precise cutting of blocks made of Foamglass (foam glass), providing our contractors with high-class production performed by our company.

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