Insulation mattresses

    Insulation mattresses production

    Production of mattresses is done in a separate, new production plant. It is a modern machine park fitted with several tens of specialist machines for heavy sewing Dürkopp Adler JUKI and a modern CNC plotter for cutting materials as well as fitted with a special desmoking chamber with dust exhausts, polyurethane foam pour and sprinkle machines. We produce any types of thermal insulation mattresses:

    • thermal mattresses, 
    • acoustic mattresses, 
    • fire-proof mattresses (even up to 1200 °) mattresses with a heating cable, 
    • dispersion shields of flange joints, 
    • flexible curtains: fire-proof, acoustic and thermal mats 
    • and welding blankets as well as many other products and individual solutions from technical fabrics. 

     The plant offers modern production solutions that ensure top service standard. 

    Professional design agency

    In our work we use specialist software and the experienced design team creates for you professional construction solutions. Our projects are modern, economic and safe solutions, created with respecting the environment.

    Unique features of insulating materials 

    One of the harmful elements for insulation is water. Wetted insulation loses its properties. 

    WATER-PROOFNESS. Innovative insulation materials are generally most durable and reliable solution especially where there is a high probability of wetting. 

    DURABILITY. We can use insulation mattresses multiple times. 

    EXCELLENT THERMAL INSULATION. The mattress does not transfer heat like a metal coating since the fabric itself is insulating. 

    FLEXIBILITY. The mattress can be adapted to any surface since it is flexible. Therefore, we can insulate even smallest details on installations as well as complex and demanding installations. 

    Another important element related to maintaining proper insulation are inspections and service of the system, caring about such elements as revisions, valves, flange joints, pumps, exchangers, etc. Thus, the traditional insulation, contrary to mattresses, is often one-time given the need for dismantling and reassembly of its parts.



    Constant development

    Continued development and investments in new technology are integral to our strategy. To meet expectations of our Clients, we offer them innovative and economic solutions that reduce energy expenditure, protect environment and ensure complete safety and hygiene at work.

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